Challenge : Complex Supply Chain
The customer is a very large Cosmetic and Beauty products manufacturer and Distributor.
They have a large and complex supply chain that includes Raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, Fulfillment Centers, Logistics providers and Shipping carriers. They use Oracle E-Business suite as their ERP System. Sharing of current and updated information across the supply chain was a challenge. Email and Phone calls were not scalable and was causing stale data issues. TPSynergy was selected as the Partner for Supply Chain Solution
After careful evaluation of many Supply chain solutions in the market, TPSynergy was selected as the partner to implement a Supply Chain Collaboration portal. Feature to Feature, TPSynergy matched or exceeded all the alternatives and provided a low cost simpler system. TPSynergy was awarded the contract to implement the supply chain collaboration system.
Rapid Implementation of the Project From the time of the award of the project till go live and beyond, TPSynergy professional services team was in full control of the project. They analyzed the current supply chain operations and came up with innovative solutions for complex supply chain problems. The project was completed in a record of 3 months and went live on time.
Benefits and ROI of the new system From the day of go live, TPSynergy started resulting good Return on Investment (ROI). Trading partners found it easy to use the system and learned quickly to use the system. Supply chain visibility was delivered easily and potential bottlenecks removed. Multi-Tier Forecast and Inventory Visibility One of the main challenge in a Supply Chain System is the Multi-Tier Operations. Visibility beyond Tier 1 into Tier 2 and Tier 3 is critical. Forecast between Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers and inventory availability at Tier 3 locations are critical information. TPSynergy with its unique supply chain owner model provided the multi-tier visibility to the customer. VP of Supply Chain Says ROI achieved very quickly Per the VP of Supply chain of this Cosmetic manufacturing company, TPSynergy Multi-tier visibility alone pays for the system and other features like Order collaboration are additional benefits.

Challenge : Many of the Big Box Retailers are asking their suppilers to be EDI ready. Implementing a EDI solution on their is own is very expensive and complex.

TPSynergy Solution : Web based EDI solution with end to end order processing. Receiving EDI Orders, Order Confirmations, Back ordering, Shipping, Printing UCC bar code labels, FedEx/UPS Label printing, Invoice creation and submission to customer all automated at an affordable cost

Customer Case Studies TPSynergy has successfully helped many companies to become EDI ready. Below are the success stories of many of our customers.
  • Gemini Sound - EDI Integrations to Amazon Vendor Central, Musicians Friend, Fry's Electronics, BJ'S Audio. All orders received into one common order processing platform.
  • Global Trading - EDI Integration to Fry's Electronics
  • Prosource Fit - EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • Plastic Cover - EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central and Grainger
  • Endure Id - EDI Integratin to Cardinal Health
  • Madden Metal - EDI Integration to Home Depot Store and Home Depot Special
  • Prosource Fit - EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • De Rigo - EDI Integration to Zappos
  • Milano Chairs - EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central, Wayfair and Castle Gate.
  • Enpower USA - EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • Rx Pet Food - EDI Integration to Royal Canin Pet Food Manufacturer
  • Indigo Home - TjMax and Marshalls EDI Integration
  • Beauty Products - Amazon Vendor Central EDI and Kohl's EDI
  • Mari Basu - Amazon Vendor Central and Blue Mercury EDI
Electronic Kanban Manufacturing

Challenge : Adiya Auto is a large manufactuer of Automobile components. They have many suppliers located near by. They had a manual two bin kanban system in place. But communicating replenishment signals was a problem. Many times, the signal was not communicated to the suppliers leading to shortage of material at various times. Also the kanban cards were getting lost in transit leading to gaps in the system.

TPSynergy Solution : Using TPSynergy Kanban system, Aditya Auto moved to electronic (e-kanban) system. Cards were bar coded and printed from the system. When a card was marked as empty, email was sent to the supplier. When suppliers shipped the card, Adita Auto buyers were immediately notified. Month end reconciliation statements were printed from the system for invoice reconciliation.

Benefit Inventory reduced greatly. In time manufacturing improved the overall process and increased customer satisfaction.

Challenge : Many of our customers are using QuickBooks Desktop as their Accounting software. Their main challenge is getting external orders into the system and also automating invoicing process.

TPSynergy Solution :
  • Gemini Sound - EDI orders from Amazon Vendor Central, Musicians Friend, Fry's Electronics, BJ'S Audio were posted into QuickBooks Desktop as Sales orders. When these orders were shipped in TPSynergy, invoices were created automatically and posted to QuickBooks
  • Endure ID - EDI orders from Cardinal Health was posted into QuickBooks Desktop as Sales orders. When these orders were shipped in TPSynergy, invoices were created automatically and posted to QuickBooks. This saved lot of charges for the customer as manual invoices were charged by customer. Pack sizes were maintained differently in QuickBooks. TPSynergy did the mapping for converting the invoice into different pack size
  • Madden Metals - EDI orders from Home Depot was posted into QuickBooks Desktop as Sales orders. When these orders were shipped in TPSynergy, invoices were created automatically and posted to QuickBooks. SKU numbers were mapped from customer sku number to quickbooks sku number

Challenge : Customers are using various systems for Inventory and Accounting. Most of the softwares in the market do not have custom built integrations. Most of the software companies do not build custom integrations.
TPSynergy Solution : TPSynergy builds integration to various systems as needed. For a small one time setup fee, TPSynergy can integrate to any other systems
  • Amazon Seller Central Download orders from Amazon Seller Central. Ship the orders in TPSynergy and send tracking number back to Amazon
  • Vend HQ Download orders from Amazon Seller Central and post the orders into Vend HQ. Once orders were shipped in VendHQ, shipping update was sent to Seller Central
  • Oracle EBusiness Suite EDI Orders from Amazon Vendor central was pushed to Oracle ERP as Sales orders. Once the orders were shipped in ERP, EDI Advance shipment Notice was sent to Amazon through EDI
  • SAP Purchase Orders and Schedules created in SAP, were sent to TPSynergy vendor portal. Suppliers view the delivery schedules. Suppliers shipments were sent to SAP as Inbound Delivery
  • SKUVault Customer is maintaining inventory in SKUVALULT. For Amazon EDI orders, we needed to check the inventory availability in SKUVAULT and send order confirmation back to Amazon. Similarly when customer ships the orders in TPSynergy, shipments are to be posted to back to SKUVAULT to reduce the inventory.
  • Ordoro Customer is maintaining inventory in Ordoro system. Orders from Ecommerce sites comes into Ordoro. TPSynergy connects to Ordoro and sends the orders through EDI to the Supplier. Once Supplier ships the orders, order status in Ordoro is marked as shipped
  • Shopify Orders are downloaded from Shopify and sent to Drop ship suppliers. When orders are shipped by Drop Ship suppliers, it will be updated in Shopify
  • Big Commerce Orders from BigCommerce site downloaded and sent to DropShip suppliers
  • Mimeo Amazon EDI Orders sent automatically to Mimeo Printers for printing. Once printed and shipped , EDI Advance Shipment notice sent to amazon through EDI
  • A2B Fulfillment Shopify orders downloaded and sent to A2B for fulfillment. Once fulfilled, Shipment confirmation with tracking number sent back to Amazon through EDI
  • StichLabs Amazon EDI orders were sent to Stichlabs as orders. When orders are shipped in TPSynergy, Stichlabs updated with shipment confirmation to adjust the inventory automatically

Challenge :Customer is a large manufacturing company with more than 1000 suppliers. With thousands of invoices to be processed from paper copies was a major task. Also answering suppliers questions on payment status took considerable time of the Accounts Payable team. They wanted a simple portal that will provide self help for suppliers.

TPSynergy Solution : Using TPSynergy, Suppliers created invoices in the platform either manual entry through the web browser or Excel File upload or EDI Integration.
Payment details from ERP updated TPSynergy portal automatically and Suppliers were able to view the payment status Online and need not have to call the buyers to follow up.
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