How to Avoid Amazon Vendor Central Chargebacks

Every Vendor Central (VC) supplier is familiar with the frustration of receiving a chargeback and seeing deductions from their payment. Due to the immense effort required to list and market a listing on Amazon, it’s important to limit or prevent these chargebacks from occurring. WHY DO CHARGEBACKS HAPPEN There are various reasons as to why a chargeback happens. It’s important to understand these reasons so you know what to monitor. PURCHASE ORDER (PO) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Late PO Acknowledgement: If the PO was not confirmed [...]


A Comprehensive Guide to Supply Chain Collaboration

In every aspect of a a supply chain, there are areas of collaboration. It’s important to understand each type of collaboration, its use in the supply chain, and when a business needs to use it. Some common areas of collaboration include: Purchase Orders Shipments/Receipts Inventory/ Forecast Invoice/Payments PURCHASE ORDER COLLABORATION Some traits of businesses that need purchase order collaboration include: Companies with a small group of strategic, and where most items are single or dual sourced Companies that have frequent small volume purchase orders to the [...]


Optimizing Business Output by Using VMI

In any business that deals in physical products, its inventory is its number one concern. Having a surplus means potential wastage and reduced efficiency, while having a deficiency means the inability to fulfill orders. Both situations are potentially disastrous to the business, and need to be prevented at all costs. As such, having an efficient inventory management solution is invaluable to any business. VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY A vendor managed inventory (VMI) system is where the supplier or vendor holds the products [...]

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Inventory Visibility in Contract Manufacturing

Although it’s not a recent innovation, contract manufacturing is being widely adopted by many large corporations. One notable example of this is Apple, which contracts the manufacturing of its phones to external companies such as Foxconn. While research and development is still done by Apple, the actual creation of its products is mostly done elsewhere. This has a multitude of benefits to both the main company and the contractors. There are two main types of contract manufacturing: consignment and turnkey. [...]

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How Blockchain Technology Can Preserve Food Safety

Recently, there has been a large scale case of E.Coli outbreaks in the US, affecting mostly lettuce and lettuce based products. Due to the disastrous effects of the bacteria, keeping it away from customers is of the utmost priority. The difficulty in doing this arises from the near impossibility of fully tracing back a food product to its source. Between the restaurant that serves it and the farm that grows it, there may be a multitude of middlemen, each [...]